When creating customers directly in Stripe via the Stripe Dashboard, it is possible to add additional billing email addresses for cc and bcc. Unfortunately, when using Breadwinner payments for Stripe, this functionality is not available. Even though this is a common request from customers, the Stripe API currently does not support the creation of cc or bcc email addresses.


  • It is possible to add more than one "to" email address.
  • CC and BCC email addresses can be added via the Stripe Dashboard after the customer has been created.

We recognize that these workarounds are not ideal, but without the API support from Stripe we cannot provide these fields directly in Breadwinner. 

If you are interested in this feature, you have the option to contact Stripe via their support portal, select "contact support" on the top right-hand side of that page and in the pop-up select "API Integration" and leave a comment to the extent that you are creating Stripe customers via an outside app (Breadwinner), using Stripe's API, but that you currently are not able to create the cc and bcc fields. 

We hope that if enough users comment this way, that the additional fields will be made available via the API, enabling Breadwinner to build out this functionality.